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Her ihtiyaca göre maskeler 3NNN’de, 3NNN maske hep sizinle!

3 Ply

3NNN face mask protects you against bacteria with its full ultrasonic structure and filtering feature that is obtained from 3-layer non-wowen fabric.


100% Hygienic

3NNN masks, which are prepared untouched from production to packaging, are a 100% hygienic products produced by passing all hygienic standards.



The 3NNN face mask does not contain any allergenic substances and at the same time it provides 100% protection by preventing bacterial growth thanks to its antibacterial properties.


Full Ultrasonic

3NNN full ultrasonic face masks are specially produced using state-of-the-art machines and are prepared without touching, including packaging.


Free of Latex and Fiberglass

3NNN face masks that do not contain allergenic substances such as latex and fiberglass do not feather and are extremely suitable for your health.


Comfortable and Soft

While it allows you to breathe easily thanks to its air permeable feature, it fits your face perfectly thanks to its design suitable for all sizes.

About Us

3NNN masks created by the experience and high quality of Eslem Dijital and Talha Kumas, have taken their place in a short time by moving in the health sector and has been one of Turkey's leading mask producer

With its full ultrasonic feature, 3NNN mask products, which are specially produced by full ultrasonic machines and prepared without touching hands, are suitable for daily use and can be used in all areas requiring hygiene with its 3-layer structure.
Masks produced using untouched and full ultrasonic machines have all the necessary hygiene conditions.
3NNN masks are designed for your health in harmony with the face area with the structure with the best filtering performance. Thanks to its excellent air permeability, it allows you to breathe easily and prevents the formation of bacteria.
It is suitable for your health as it does not contain latex, fiberglass and other allergens.
3NNN masks prepared technologically from production to packaging stage have passed all hygienic standards and have EN 14683, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, GMP certificates.

Our Certificates

You can find our certificates that certify our production quality in below.

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